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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Coffee Rica!

Pura Vida from coffee country! I am kicking off day ten of my trip, sitting poolside relaxing with a big cup of Costa Rican joe. While this trip has had so many amazing moments (which I will share more of later), the constant supply of coffee has been a definite highlight.

One thing my journey through Costa Rica has taught me is to value time, and my favorite moment of everyday has been my morning coffee break. 

Whether I am indulging in a fancy cappuccino or a simple cafe con leche, I take a little journey with every sip. A small and relaxing caffeinated trip! 

I never expected my morning joe to be such a integral part of my trip, but sometimes you need a new perspective. And perhaps a little cinnamon love! 

 A dear friend told me a little secret while out at lunch the other day. She shared her desire to add new spice to her morning routine, and to do so she made a simple change... Her coffee cup. She explained that even the most mundane or typical part of your day, can be tweaked ever so slightly to bring new light. Now, she smiles every time she sips on her coffee from her new floral cup.

Granted, my revitalized coffee venture involves a new country with a better view, something much more difficult to duplicate in my kitchen. But perhaps a small Costa Rican token or a new bag of brew will keep my coffee time hot after my return from paradise. 

With love & lipstick, 


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