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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Extra Baggage

We all carry extra baggage, and I don't know about you, but I hate paying those pocket-punching extra fees. So when I have a case of the "ineedtobringeverythings", traveling can be a pain in my coach-sized seat. 

 Even a seasoned traveler encounters packing problems from time to time. Generally, I can pack a suitcase for 7-10 days in about 5 minutes... And still look polished. However, this past week during my Costa Rica travel preparation, I hit a major road block. I found myself unbelievably overwhelmed thinking about what to pack. I couldn't grasp the concept of packing for 15 days in multiple climates, for multiple environments, and for various occasions. I even Googled online packing lists, but that just added fuel to the fire. 

"Twenty t-shirts"... I own 2! 
"Four pairs of tennis shoes"... I own 1! 
"Rain ponchos"... But those aren't fashionable!!
"Fanny pack"... Um, no. Just, no.

 I had none of this "recommended" gear. So, my natural reaction? Freak out and pack everything. 

 Just travel with my entire wardrobe? Perfect solution! 

Yes, I pulled out everything, literally EVERYTHING, I deemed excursion appropriate and started from the beginning. And out of all this mess, here is what actually ended up in my suitcase (specifically clothing):
  • 14- workout/hike/outdoorsy/casual tops (most wet/dry, 2 fitted tees, 8 tanks, most with a built in bra, 4 cotton tanks).
  • 12- workout/hike/outdoorsy/casual pants/shorts/capris- i.e. bottoms ( wet/dry: 4 capris, 3 pants, 2 shorts, non-wet/dry: 3 shorts)
  • 4- over shirts (3 long sleeve, one short sleeve, for wearing over the tanks above as needed)
  • 3- tissue shirts (2 long sleeve, 1 short sleeve- for wear over lace bralettes, suits and tanks for casual wear)
  • 2- casual sandals
  • 1- tennis shoe
  • 1- wet/dry hike/tennis shoe
  • 1- fun boots (mild hikes/nature walks, to wear on plane, with cutoff shorts, cute dress, going out wear)
  • 9- bras (1 regular, 1 strapless, 4 lace bralette, 3 sports bras)
  • 11- pairs of socks
  • 18- pairs of undies
  • 4- dresses (2 long, 2 short)
  • 1- skirt
  • 3- fun shirts (to match with shorts/ skirt for going out on the town)
  • 4- swimsuits
  • 1- swimsuit coverup
YES! I packed ALL of the above. Everything fit perfectly in a medium, easy carry suitcase I borrowed from a fab friend. This adventure was no place for my traditional roller bag. 

Its fits! (Pug not included...)

Now that I am all packed and ready to go, I can feel my stress level just melting away. My packing fiasco was a great reality check, and regrounded me as a traveler. With each new journey there is always something new to be learned, and for me, I was reminded once again how to drop that extra baggage.

Now I am ready to hit the skies bound for Costa Rica, confident nothing extra will be weighing me down. 

See you on the beach!

With love & lipstick,


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