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Monday, January 6, 2014

More Than A Bikini

A couple months ago I blogged briefly about my introduction to a company called Tone It Up (TIU) and how it had connected me to a new life, and ultimately, a new me. Since starting my journey with TIU, I have received countless emails, Facebook messages, and texts from other women inquiring about my experience. I am often asked if I like TIU, what I get out of it, and so on and forth. While I do my best to answer such questions, I have to say, it is about so much more than just a plan.

What attracted me originally to TIU was the community. The community started off as a virtual experience I shared with a friend (aka. Entrenador). The two of us participated in a challenge called Bikini Series designed specially by Tone It Up, and featured several sponsors like Contiki Tours, Victoria's Secret, and Oakley. The challenge encouraged people to tweet and post about their morning workouts, healthy meals, and most importantly show virtual support and kindness to their fellow TIU teammates.

A snapshot from one of our 2013 Bikini Series check-ins!

At the end of the 8 week challenge, TIU picked 4 teams to win a grand prize trip, sponsored by Contiki. My friend and I ended up being one of the 4 teams selected to win, and for our trip, we ended up choosing the Costa Rica Unplugged Contiki Tour (more to come on this later). We were SO THRILLED! 

So many goodies from TIU, Victoria's Secret, and Oakley too!

To express our excitement, of course we tweeted, and in turn were retweeted, receiving so much praise and congrats from the entire TIU community! Then we received a tweet from another winning team, team A&J, telling us they also chose Costa Rica as their destination! 

Being so happy to hear from another team, we started talking details via twitter, and of course and it wasn't long before team A&J, suggested we all go to Costa Rica together!

OF COURSE, this was a BRILLIANT idea. Immediately, the planning begun. And after a few months of tweets, emails, Facebook messaging, and Instagraming, the time had come to experience Costa Rica!

 Upon meeting in person for the first time, it was like we had known each other for a lifetime. FINALLY we were together at last!

Pura Vida!

Though the 4 of us could not have been more different. I mean seriously, it was like the writer of the "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" predicted the future, our future. Only we were all in one country, and there were no pants, just lots of bikinis.

Although we had no idea what Costa Rica had in store for us, we all knew we were in this adventure together (which I will share more of in a later post). We were all tied together, connected and bonded like we never expected... and with that, we could (and did) conquer all! Our connection to TIU brought us together, made us stronger, more confident. And the craziest part of it all? We met on Twitter... TWITTER. Now, we text nearly everyday, and I can't imagine what my life would be like without team A&J.

The beginning of our Costa Rica adventure, and a lifetime of friendship! 

So now when I am asked how do I like Tone It Up, I am often at a loss for words. 'Like' doesn't even begin to describe it. Tone It Up is so much more than what it seems. It is a special community that encourages you to be a better person, friend, woman, a healthier, happier you, a sister, a mentor, a coach, a pillar, an inspiration, and  encourages you to share your love. TIU is a lifestyle, a feeling of belonging, a feeling of you can do anything- and when you lose sight of that- someone is always there to remind you.

Getting some post-workout TIU team LOVE on our Love Your Body challenge check in

So do I like Tone It Up? Yes, yes I do. What do I get out of it? Obviously it's a feeling that is hard to explain, though I can say it all starts with the community. And while I may never meet in person majority of the women I tweet and Instagram with daily, I hope they know that they, like team A&J,  make an unmeasurable difference in my life. 

With Love & Lipstick, 



  1. Very cool story, Ashley! It's awesome how twitter brought you guys together and how fitness can be fun! You go girl!

    1. Thank you, Laura! It has only just begun, and I cannot wait to see where my journey takes me next!