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Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Thank You Trend

In March I decided to do "30 Days of Thank Yous" as a spiritual cleansing before I changed decades. My goal was to hand write a thank you note once a day for 30 days before my 30th Birthday. In the middle of my venture, a life changing event occurred in the family of my soulmate. And while I still stuck to my 30 thank yous goal, I made the commitment to myself that this 30 day cleansing would become a classic trend in my life from then on.
During my 30 days, I made a point to thank those I never had before. I thanked some of the parents of people close to me for raising someone who has impacted my life. I thanked some of the people who had supported and loved my mom. I thanked individuals who I rarely crossed paths with at work, but made such a difference in the lives of our students. I thanked community members who work to protect the communities so many of us live and prosper in. I also thanked my Realtor for helping me find my dream home, my insurance company for all their hard work protecting my assets, and my garbage men for constantly dealing with my, well, garbage (they also received a case of beer). The list goes on and on...
There are so many more people I want to thank and show appreciation to for their hard work. Thus, as I said, I decided to make this a part of my weekly reflecting ritual. So now, at some point every week, I slather on a face mask, make a cup of calming tea, and write a thank you note or two. I have found such a release, a new outlook on life, by what others do and how they have directly or indirectly impacted the lives of those around me. And whether you have received, or have yet to receive a thank you of appreciation from me, note your awesomeness is infectious and changes lives.
You look fabulous making a difference. So go out there and own the world in your lipstick and stilettos... Just remember to say thank you.

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