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Thursday, March 8, 2012

30 Days of Thank You

Each year, we age. We get older. We get saggier. We get wrinklier. We get crazier.
Those major, potentially terrifying, milestone birthdays (the Dirty 30, Lordy 40, Nifty 50, etc) are inevitable. But even though we all know higher numbers will eventually arrive at the party, some of us are still a little surprised when said age knocks on our door.
Personally, I embrace such milestones. I was thrilled to turn 16 and 21 (duh- for obvious reasons), as are most people. However I am just as eager to be starring in (what I perceive to be) the next big hit. In fact, I am crossing off the days until my new year, until my new decade.
March 6th of 2012 marked the 1st day of my 30 day count down. In 30 days, I will turn 30 years old. I am eager to step into a new "decade", to place a check mark in a new box, and to change out my over-used number 2 candle for a brand-new, unlit number 3.
Now don't get me wrong... For the past 9 years and 11 months, I have lived the best 20-something life I could have ever asked for. My 20's were a sea of selfish, stupid, obnoxious, risky, adventurous, careless, wild, dramatic, giggly, short-skirted, lovesick, emotional, hung over messes. Everything was always over-the-top. I was always up for anything. And I never missed a beat.
Outside of being able to be a totally care-free, dumb young adult, my 20's were filled with more triumphs (and tribulations) than I ever could have expected. I received my bachelors and masters degree (in 5 1/2 years- total), I found my ideal career path, I lived on my own for 2 years in a fabulous apartment (most never live sans roommate), I bought my very own house, I discovered the cult world of pageants, I met my dream dog (Lexie), I met my dream man (Dan), I traveled to nearly all 50 states, I found my best friends, though I lost my father, I discovered who would always be there for me and who would always be the most important to me, I learned the importance of purging toxic people from my life, and I discovered the beauty in polishing off lost friendships. Yes, a roller coaster at times, but my vivacious, self-realizing 20's shaped me into the person I am today. So without further a due, I would like to bid a proper farewell to my 20's.
To count down the 30 days before my 30th birthday, I am doing something I call "30 Days of Thank You". I will be thanking and showing my appreciation to those individuals who have not necessarily just impacted my life (directly anyways), but have positively influenced the lives of those I love, or the lives of those in the community around me. The people I reach out to in these 30 days will not just be individuals I love. In fact they most likely will be people I hardly ever see, I have only met briefly, may be aware of but have never met, or may just very well be total strangers. Nonetheless, these people will be receiving a personal, heart-felt note or token from me, without hope or agenda. These individuals deserve to know their efforts have made a difference, their influence has made a difference, and that as a human being, they are truly valued.
In the end, some of my appreciation endeavors may be too personal for me to share, however I will make sure to post an update or two about some of the thank yous I experience (or really others experience, if allowed) when all is said and done. So until then, wish me luck on my "30 Days of Thank You" cleansing journey, and to stepping head held high into my lipstick and stilettos filled 30's.

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  1. Aw! Loved this my Rush Crush! And I completely agree with the sentiment - birthdays are to be celebrated, even shouted from the roof tops! My smile lines are badges of honor, each little crease is filled with happy memories! Cheers to 30! Xo