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Monday, January 3, 2011

Sexy in the Jetsetting Cities

After any family-focused, home-cooked, food-filled holiday, most of us are left feeling plumpy and rather round. However there is one place in the Twin Cities that can make me feel sparkling new any time of the year regardless of my self-perceived muffin top.

Most bars in all cities have a unique atmosphere true to those that frequent the establishment. There are your typical dive bars where if you are over dressed you can feel out of place, and receive side-eye stares from veterans. Then there are your typical meat markets where you often unwillingly attract the attention of all kinds of one night Romeos and Paulie wannabes. Well, then there is always a plethora of bars that will love you for the fabulous you that YOU are... you just have to find them!

My personal fave for feeling sexy in the city of Minneapolis is Jetset, a skinny chic modern bar set in the Warehouse district where the men's line is guaranteed to be longer than the women's. At Jetset you can find all kinds of frequent flyers, whether they be tall, short, skinny, full figured, young, mature, fashionable, or classic, everyone of them is there for one reason, to have a fabulous night!

Each time I have had the opportunity to participate in the Jetset scene I knew I was going to have a great evening! Whether I was dancing my socks off, chatting with old friends, making new friends, receiving an endless amount of compliments, or just relaxing and enjoying a house special cosmo on the sidewalk patio, I always had a smile on my face and eventually flew away from Jetset, thinking, "Ah, now THAT was fun!".

It did not matter what happened to me that day, how sexy I did or didn't feel, I always felt like million bucks right upon stepping foot inside Jetset, and the best part is the compliments did not have a hidden after 2am agenda. Regardless of praise though, Jetset allows you to be, well, you! A place where everyone is stoked to dance, party, and have a sky-high good time.

Now this jet may not be the right plane for everyone, but if you are open to having a good time and meeting some really stellar peeps, then prepare for takeoff! Just remember to check your baggage at door, and you may just see me tapping my stilettos on the dance floor!

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