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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

For the Love of Resolutions

The beginning of a new year marks the beginning of our newest goals, our newest journeys, our resolutions. The new year also gives us an opportunity to reflect on the past year, our successful resolutions, and those that were epic fails. Everyone has a different approach to their new years resolutions. Some people aim to get in shape, packing in to gyms for the first three months before falling off the workout wagon. Others choose to de-clutter their lives, only to make room for more clutter later on in the year. And then there are those individuals that focus on eating healthy, but find themselves binge eating McDonalds after starving for weeks on lettuce.

Personally, I view new years resolutions now days to be a bit drab and repetitive, and while getting in shape and eating healthy is a note worthy goal, individuals who wait until the first of the year to take a stab at their new lifestyle are putting a tremendous amount of pressure on themselves. Thus I make my new years resolutions with a little bit of a different mind set.

Last year I decided to make 3 resolutions that were not so typical resolutions just I see how well I could stick to them.
My 2010 resolutions were:
1. To "dress up" or "dress to impress" as often as possible. This does not mean ball gown attire by any means, but rather just looking my best as much as I can. In a time where sweatpants frequent malls and restaurants, I wanted to raise above my velour track suit and at least throw on a pair of skinny jeans and a sweater when running around town.
2. Wear a shade of red lipstick as often as possible, my tribute to the days of Betty Page. I don't know what it is, but there is something to be said about a woman in red lips. Just sliding the eye catching color across your lips is like putting the cherry on top of an ice cream sundae. It's the perfect finishing touch.
3. To attend 1-2 festivals, concerts, and/or cultural events every month. Many of us can get stuck in our Friday night Applebees routines, and while I rarely grace suburban chains, I wanted to have a different experience from my usual social routine at least once a month, if not more.

Yes, these resolutions weren't exactly total body transformations, but each of them were fun and enjoyable, and are all now great habits of mine. It is second nature to dress with the right foot forward, and I have nearly every shade of red lipstick you can imagine. Not to mention, I have seen a multitude of musicals, concerts, performances, and even fashion shows. I believe the start of a new year should start out on a positive note, and if you find yourself dreading your resolution(s), well then that doesn't set a very good tone for the new year, now does it? Exactly.

However, now I know I can stick to new years resolutions, and can start to integrate even more beneficial, yet simple resolutions for 2011. This year I have set 5 resolutions for myself.

My 2011 resolutions are:
1. To simplify and upgrade. Now this resolution is sort of a two-parter. And while I poked fun at the de-clutterers, this is my version of doing the same. Although I will be getting rid of some excess, my main focus is to upgrade. For instance, rather than having all plastic serving platters, replacing them one by one with nice ceramic serving platters. Or instead of 5 so-so little black dresses, just two high-end ones are a better bet.
2. Take my vitamin regimen daily. This one is a bit tricky, and I think 6 days out of 7 will be considered a success, but my goal is to take a healthy dose of vitamins, split between morning and night. So far so good. My secret? Keeping my vitamins in my medicine cabinet and taking them after washing my face morning and night.
3. Volunteer and support my friend's endeavors even more. Granted this is something I already do, but I want to push the envelope even further.
4. Sleep at least 8 hours a day. This is by far going to be the hardest resolution of 2011, but probably the most rewarding. So far I have been sticking to this like glue. It takes a lot of will power, and I know I will miss some nights, but I am truly determined to succeed. In fact, I am already starting to feel the benefits.
5. Treat myself to more spa time. Whether it be a massage, facial, or mani/pedi, everyone needs a little pampering. So about every 4-6 weeks I plan on treating myself to a little me time (this is where Groupon is going to come in handy, I am sure). In between each spa treat, I will indulge more in mini home treatments and keep up my mani/pedi as much as possible. A simple, yet fun resolution!

So regardless what you feel you need to improve, change, or implement this year, just remember to give yourself a little wiggle room and reward yourself with a bit of fun! I know I will be traveling in my lipstick and stilettos through the rest of January all the way to December, with a positive outlook on the new year, and my 2011 resolutions.


  1. For someone that works in a health club and sees the regular falling off of resolutions, I greatly admire your commitment not only to "stick with lip stick" but also to do some things that are unique and fun! It seems that you are someone who LOVES life and LOVES yourself too. Never lose that...

    Katie and James

  2. Why thank you Katie and James! I truly enjoy your blog myself. So inspiring!