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Friday, December 17, 2010

Spotted: The Global Warmer

Welcome to the new "Spotted" fashion section of The Lipstick and Stilettos Traveler blog where I will be stopping the fashionably seen on the street, snapping a shot of their uber stylish look, then bringing the eye candy back to you via post. So take a much needed latte break and check out my first fashionista below!

Need a special winter warmer on these chilly nights? Try this recipe: hot chocolate on the couch, mix in a splash of Baileys, then add a little Brittany on the side. Personally nothing warms my heart more than a northern cutie with style during Sorel season! Brittany is wearing a cozy long knit gray boyfriend sweater, a black chiffon ruffle dress, and gray tights. Her teal blue cotton tank adds a little pop and pulls out the color of her eyes, and the vintage silver shoes mirror her sparkling personality! Brit's ability to combine shades of gray and fabric textures enhances her femininity while still keeping her warm. I know I would cuddle on the couch with her any winter night. Wearing my fave Lipstick and Stilettos, of course!

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