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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Even Google Shops Boutiques

This morning I woke up just knowing something was different about today. The sun was shining, my little pug Lexie was relatively behaving, and my morning routine stayed magically on schedule. It was as if the world had changed overnight, and it was not until I picked up my phone to read my daily dose of the New York Times that I realized the world HAD changed overnight… well the fashion world, at least.

Over yonder in California, Google has had a brain baby brewing that would change the face of online shopping forever. This morning, was introduced to fashionistas and shopaholics around the globe. is a one stop shop for the busy online shopper. The e-commerce site drastically changes the state of online shopping today, and provides its users with a “personal shopper” touch as well as personalizes an otherwise people-less shopping experience. The site can be easily be surfed for a type of item, such as a black pump, or can be used for finding an exact item, such as Stewart Weitzman’s black pumps. In fact this little gem-in-website-disguise provides internet-bound couture cuties with access to designers, blogs, celebrity styles, retailers sites, and the online ‘boutiques’ of fellow fashion lovers. is the perfect place to go and find that piece you have been tearing stores apart for, or for you to use to crack your creative block and find inspiration.

How does it work? Well, or course I explored the site already, I have been playing on it nearly all day! First log on to and complete your style profile through the Stylizer. You start off by choosing one of two outfits, several times, in order for the website to grasp your desired style. Then you can select silhouettes of tops, pants, dresses, and shoes you either love or hate. You also can further customize your personal boutique by selecting favorite colors and prints, as well as adding your size guide. One you have completed your profile, you can create your own little fashion safe haven by following your favorite designers, celebrities, and even other fashion friendly pretties just like yourself. However my favorite aspect of is the comparison shopping. For instance, say I fall in love with a gorgeous Valentino piece that is disgustingly out of my price range, I can either covet what I can’t have or just hover my little arrow to the right of my Valentino masterpiece, and viola! An automatic list of look alikes at all different price points pops up to save the day. Now THAT is my kind of knight in shining armor.

Personally, I would like to thank Google for finally making an online world for those of us with real world style. Of course there are a few kinks here and there, and I trust Google is working every minute of the day to fix them, so be patient if the site is running a little slow for now, no trendy gal looks good when frazzled by technology and in a rush. I know I am going to take my time, and just love my mini retreats to my boutique,, and searching for my next favorite pair of Lipstick and Stilettos.

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