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Monday, November 15, 2010

The Blogging Traveler

Personally I have only a few things I can't live without, my lipstick, my stilettos, and my iPhone. And for those of you that are fellow iPhone junkies you know the importance of having the right types of apps to complete your little hand held world. My iPhone will always boast a Starbucks, Gilt, Facebook, and NYTimes app. However I may have just come across a new potential favorite, and those that are also apple-carrying bloggers on-the-go might be just as stoked as I am about this new discovery.

The application is called BlogSpace and it is the only app I have come across that not only works with Google's Blogger, but is also free. Of course I downloaded it and had to write a post through it right away. My feedback? So far, so good.

Now if you are an iPhone dependent that also likes to share your adventures via blog, I encourage you to take BlogSpace for a test type. As for me, if this app pans out, who knows what kinds of endeavors I may encounter with my lipstick, my stilettos, and my blog in hand.

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