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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Fashion Fall-ure

We all have our favorite season. Some enjoy the light rains and fresh blossoms of spring, and others prefer the scorching hot, bikini-bound days of summer. Then there are those that adore the fiery colors and brisk airs of fall, followed by the snow-filled, fire-roaring, hot chocolate-drinking evenings of old man winter (my personal favorite). Regardless of what your favorite season is though, each has one thing in common, unique fashion specific to that time of year. However the season that truly takes the cake for the most, let’s say, eclectic fashion style is fall. The 3 months of autumn cover from the end of summer to the beginning of winter. During this span there is the kick off of football and hockey, the continuation of baseball, the celebration of Oktober Fest, the start of deer and duck hunting, and the infamous holiday of Halloween. All play a key component in our lovely fall fashion look book.

For those of you from the grand Twin Cities, I would not be surprised if you have seen a plethora of Twins, Vikings, and Wild apparel. More so, you may have seen your fair share of lederhosen ensembles, legs and beer included, as well as the wide variety of camouflage and blaze orange now sweeping our outer city limits. And of course who could forget the 8,000 zombies that moaned, ate brains, and limped all over the city. However no fall is complete without the biggest fashion experimentation day of all, Halloween. All Hollow’s Eve clears all darkly gothic fashion that Cosmo would normally contest any other month of the year, allows women to be a little more scantily clad without scrutiny, and lets everyone from 2 to 92 pretend to be their very own version of a Disney princess or Twilight romantic, no questions asked. I wonder… if people could get away with dressing the way they do on Halloween every day of the year, would they? I know I would.

Ah yes, the months of August to November holds a truly random collection of style, all of which is considered mostly socially acceptable, and probably wouldn’t even get a second glance. So whether you favor a gremlin mask or a blaze orange scarf, the fall is your time to strut your weird stuff and flaunt it all. Soon enough we will be dealing with a whole new fashionable season. The spirit of the holidays is knocking on our doors, and sugar plum colors, rich velvets, and sparkling sequins will soon be running rampant well into the New Year. But that is a whole new blog post. Until then, I am proud to be an active member of the Twins Cities fashion fall-ures, costumes, wigs, and all. And of course I’ll never forget my freakiest shade of lipstick.

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