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Thursday, May 6, 2010

No Place Like Home

Regardless of where you are from, you probably have your assumptions about the cities of “flyover country”. However, you can’t see it from sky above the Midwest, but underneath the silver belly of your metal bird is my Emerald City, Minneapolis. Sometimes referred to as “The Minne-apple”, Minneapolis is far from mini with a larger than life attitude and the experiences to match. There is a unique level of energy that pulses through Minneapolis, amplifying the special quality of creativity the city embodies.
In Minneapolis I have found people work hard then play hard, myself included. When I finish up my workday, I have a never-ending list of entertainment opportunities. Many are often spotted scoping out the local music. Being one of the hottest scenes in the nation and with 100’s of venues, Minneapolis is always on the tour map from the most underground band to the biggest mainstream artists. However, not everyone is a groupie, so you may want to check out the museums and art galleries. They are extraordinary, among the top nationally recognized in the nation, and feature a wide array of ever-changing international displays.
After you admire the local exhibits or snap a few shots of the Cherry and Spoon in the sculpture garden, there is always the splendid option of enjoying the arts through theater. After all, Minneapolis does have the third largest, and third best, theater market in the U.S. Or perhaps you would rather dine out, enjoying a five star meal from an internationally award-winning Chef? Well take your pick. Minneapolis is one of the “foodiest” cities, and is loaded with top chefs. Whether you are looking for a more healthful organic dish, an eccentric delicacy with atmosphere, or a fatty Juicy Lucy, Minneapolis has all the treats you can desire, so your taste buds will never get bored.
Perhaps you are like me and like to treat yourself in more than one way, like with a day of shopping? Well forget the over-rated, suburban-ized Mall of America, and check out all of the independent, and uber fashion forward, boutiques throughout the city. Can’t find a particular shop? No problem, just stop a person with “DID” on the back of their highlighter yellow shirt. These individuals are Downtown’s concierge service, offering up warm smiles, directions, umbrellas, suggestions, and escorts to citizens and visitors at no cost to you. Now that's what I call “Minnesota Nice”!
Then once your face-stuffing, art-viewing, theater-going, show-stopping, couture-shopping day is over, detoxify your body with a bike ride on a top ten-ranked greenway, or go for a swim under the skyline in one of the city’s dozens of lakes. I don't know if it is the city’s invigorating fresh air, or the streets-so-clean-you-can-eat-off-them, but there is something about Minneapolis that makes me want to experience everything and just live life to the fullest. I guess I have clicked the heals on my ruby red stilettos just the right amount of times, landing on the right yellow brick road leading to the discovery of my Oz, Minneapolis.

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