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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My Life in the Sky

I am surprised I was not born with wings. I have been on more planes than most people have been in cars, starting before I was even one years old. My father was a fighter pilot for 22 years, thus we moved all the time. Fortunately one of our moves took us to Europe, where we lived our own version of "European Vacation" for about eight years, full-sized conversion van and all. When my dad retired from the Air Force and signed with the belated Northwest Airlines (NWA), we hopped on yet another plane, destination: Minneapolis/Saint Paul.

After getting settled in not only a new home, but a new country entirely, my family and I started to reap the benefits of my father working for NWA, free flights (also known as non-revving). So whether I was going to Texas to visit my grandparents, or Washington DC to conduct research for a class project, I still continued jet setting from one adventure to the next, with the travel bug burrowing deeper inside me.

After college, I landed a traveling job of my own. Living life in a car, bouncing around Northern Minnesota and North Dakota, recruiting for a rather well known Big Ten University was my professional adventure until I moved on to obtain my Master's degree, which led me to where I am today.

I recently was employed as the Creative Services Manager for an international ad school. I traveled around the country to college and career fairs, and gave presentations at traditional undergraduate institutions. Nearly every week I found myself in a wide-variety of cities, anywhere from New York City to Oklahoma City, each one having its own unique characteristics. Naturally, I wanted to experience them all.

Now my goal is to document my travel past, present, and future experiences as much as possible, everything from takeoff to landing, and this is where I have chosen to tell my travel tales. I like to say, some people have jobs, others have hobbies, but there are a few of us that have lifestyles... So follow my life as The Lipstick and Stilettos Traveler as I pucker my lips and click my heels across the nation.

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